Strategic Plan

Women and Children First works in partnership with NGOs, governments and academic institutions to promote innovative, low cost solutions designed to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and increase wellbeing for women, girls and newborns. We develop and share best practice through extensive monitoring and evaluation of our work and disseminating lessons learned.

Our strategic aims are to:

  1. Secure funding to assist Southern partners to deliver programmes of activities that empower women and girls and their wider communities to press for and use local health services.
  2. Increase the scale and impact of our work and provide evidence for what works well.
  3. Advocate locally and internationally for robust policies and finance to provide affordable, accessible, quality health services for all women, girls and newborns.
  4. Provide quality technical assistance in support of our advocacy and programme aims.

You can download our Strategic Framework 2012-2015 here.

Programmes Strategy

Our Programmes Strategy provides the framework for the design, implementation and evaluation of the delivery of Women and Children First’s operating strategies.  Click here to download the Programmes Strategy.