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Champion mum running to save lives in North London Half Marathon

Carly Foxwell is supporting the work of Women and Children First: to prevent mothers and babies dying needlessly. She is running the North London Half Marathon only 7 months after the birth of her healthy baby boy, Fletcher.

Carly received first-rate care throughout her pregnancy and birth here in the UK. This made her reflect on the challenges that expectant mothers and babies face living in poor communities without access to these services: “I wanted to collect money for a charity which works to provide women in developing countries and their babies with better care, working towards improved infant survival rates and reduced health issues in babies and children.”

Even after the birth of baby Fletcher, Carly developed a minor complication but, through the NHS, could readily access both the proper care and the antibiotics she needed. Champion mum Carly not only kept healthy and fit during her pregnancy –  she even attended spinning classes – but also began training only five weeks after giving birth.

Like Carly, Women and Children First also believes that pregnancy should not be a frightening experience and that women should obtain information and adequate care to keep both themselves and their babies healthy. Our participatory women’s groups bring together women in rural communities to learn, share information and decide how to address the challenges they face. Together, women discuss the importance of obtaining antenatal care, learn how crucial it is to exclusively breastfeed newborns and collectively fund bicycle ambulances to transport expectant mothers to nearby health centers.

Why not also run to save lives? Send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), a tweet (@WCF_UK) or give us a call (07968019753) to find out more. Support our champion runner by visiting her fundraising page and donating!

The Vitality North London Half Marathon takes place Sunday 12 March 2017 and starts at 08:30 from Wembley Stadium.