15th Anniversary Appeal

Throughout this year we are celebrating 15 years of saving lives and are now more than half way to our £15,000 fundraising goal, thanks to generous supporters like you.

Our work with community women’s groups in the Northern Ugandan districts of Amaru and Gulu, which has benefited over 129,000 people since 2014,  covers some of the hardest to reach communities.  Communities which were affected by years of conflict when civil war raged in their villages.  We’d like your support to do more.

Joyce, who has been a midwife for 15 years and is a mother of three children herself, has seen attitudes change for the better as awareness and knowledge has increased among women and men alike:

“Two years ago very few women gave birth at the health centre – instead they gave birth at home with a traditional birth attendant or their mother-in-law. 

Over the past year the number of men escorting their wives to antenatal appointments has also increased. Men are taking responsibility and providing the necessities for women when they come to give birth.”

Joyce often has to work a 24-hour shift as resources are stretched and staffing levels low, compared to growing demand. It is tough, stressful but ultimately very rewarding. What always makes her smile is seeing a mother hold her healthy baby for the first time, or seeing a child she helped deliver grow up. 

“I have talked with women who are members of the women’s groups and they are more knowledgeable about seeking care and services. They are also better prepared for childbirth: they take care of their health by attending antenatal appointments. After they have given birth they come back for immunisations for their babies. They take their children’s health very seriously.”

This is a very important achievement in a country where only 50% of children under one year of age are fully immunised.

A donation of £50 could pay for a women’s group facilitator for a whole year, while it costs £28 to pay for a community health worker’s kit (that includes a thermometer and scales). Any donation you can make will be gratefully received.

We have recently concluded a project which set up over 150 women’s groups.  We also supported 150 Village Health Team volunteers to visit homes to raise awareness of maternal and child health and refer pregnant women to the health facilities. Community dialogue meetings provided feedback on what women thought about maternity services to healthcare providers and advocacy meetings resulted in the renovation of delivery theatres in two clinics.

There is much more work to be done and we are launching a new project in Oyam district in Northern Uganda which will help over 25,000 women have a health pregnancy and give birth safely.  The particular focus on this much-needed intervention will be to reduce the heart-breaking experience of stillbirths and newborn deaths. 

We need your help to continue. Please consider supporting our work today.