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Mother's Day 2018 #MyMumSurvived

This is Faith. Her mum Teddy is alive today thanks to Women and Children First. This Mother’s Day we are launching our #MyMumSuvived Campaign.

Teddy attended one of our women’s groups in Uganda. Before joining she tried to stay healthy and well, an impossible task to achieve alone, in a setting where the nearest health facility is a 12km walk. 

After joining the group she got support from her friends, and was able to overcome this challenge, get to the facility and survive some serious health scares during pregnancy.

As Teddy says, the women’s groups have the potential to save many others:

“My first daughter is now 21 years old. I want her to join the women’s group because of all the good things I’ve learned. I always keep in touch with the other members, they were there for me throughout all of these things and they are still with me even now“

More groups are needed because over 300,000 women still die every year in pregnancy or during childbirth.  In the 13 countries where we have run groups in the past, we have reached over 12 million people, improved their health and saved over 6000 lives.

£15 can support three more mums to attend a women’s groups for a year.  

This Mother’s Day give the most amazing gift to more children like Faith – donate to Women and Children First and help more mums to survive.

Thank you.