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"I was scared my family wouldn't accept me"


Innocent, a 15 year old Ugandan girl, felt alone and frightened when she discovered she was pregnant. Her local women's group was there to give her vital support - thanks to your kind donations. 

Innocent feared being rejected by her family when she found out about her pregnancy. She says "I was really worried, and very scared to tell my parents." 

"I eventually told my mum." 

Luckily, both her mother and her grandmother had been attending their local women's group, supported by Women and Children First

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Innocent told us: “My mother got support from the women's group, so she could be there for me." 

"My mother had learnt about child care and antenatal services in the women group. So she took me for antenatal check up's at our nearest health centre.”

People from Innocent’s women’s group were there for her and her family throughout the pregnancy.

They explained the dangers for a teenager during pregnancy, encouraged Innocent’s parents to take her to antenatal care and to incorporate fresh vegetables more in her diet.

They even lent the family money for the things Innocent needed in hospital for the birth.

The result was a safe birth and a healthy baby girl, Nancy.

Once Nancy was born, the women's group remained supportive of Innocent and her family. They made sure she had taken Nancy for her vaccines.

"My grandmother really took care of me and my mother taught me all that she had learnt in her group about immunization and nutrition and newborn care.” Other women's group members also made sure Innocent had vaccinated her baby girl.

"Now Nancy is a bit older, I have been invited to join the women's group. I now belong to the same group as my grandmother and mother.”

Your support has meant that in Uganda, our 150 women’s groups have over 4,500 members.

These groups are all working for better maternal and child health in their villages, and making sure that mothers, such as Innocent, are safe, healthy and happy during their pregnancies.

You can support the continuation of these groups by donating to Women and Children First.

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