Sock shopping saves lives!


Treat yourself to a comfortable, stylish, ethically sourced pair of socks. Each pair you buy can pay for a measles vaccination, helping reduce child mortality. 

The garments, made by ethical supplier Stand4Socks, are made of bamboo. This makes them super-soft on your feet, whilst keeping them healthy and cool thanks to bamboo's natural antibacterial and moisture wicking qualities. 

Bamboo is also biodegradable and requires less land to grow than cotton - helping people in developing countries to grow more crops and in turn make money. 

Each pair you buy can help raise vital funds for Women and Children First. The company backs the World Health Organisation's Sustainable Development Goals.

So, each pair bought can pay for 3 children to be immunised against measles, or fund a pregnant woman to have an antenatal check up. 

What's more, Women and Children First supporters can get a 20% discount on the socks by using the code W&CF at the check out. 

The socks, suitable for men and women, are available here:

Maternal Health Bubble Blue Sock - £7.99 with 20% discount

Baby Blue Vaccination Sock - £9.59 with 20% discount (Pictured) 

Vaccination Blue and Pink Sock - £7.99 with 20% discount (made of combed cotton, not bamboo) 

Women and Children First thanks Stand4Socks for their support of the charity to date.