We are always curious to discover what it is that motivates our wonderful supporters to literally go that extra mile to help improve maternal health and decrease infant mortality.  We were touched by this story from Kay Alaba Adebayo and want to thank him for what he has done.  These are his words:

Alaba puts Women and Children First“I was having a review when I tuned 30 years old in February of how it all started. I was born on the way to the hospital in a Datsun car around the entrance gate of Festac town in Lagos, Nigeria. My dad must have driven for about 5mins before I popped out. Since my mum was a midwife, she just told him to drive back home, and she called some of her colleagues to help and I was taken to the hospital the next morning. 

In June this year, I saw a documentary where the pregnant women had to wait 13 hours for the next bus that was coming to the town to get to the nearest hospital and often had to resort to untrained personnel to carry out delivery. I was so touched by the documentary considering the rate of complications the women and children often have. I kept pondering on this issue because I was only privileged and I could have found myself in the situation of the babies in the documentary. My fiancé told me of Women and Children First UK because she had a few contacts with the organisation while she was in India. I then made up my mind that I will do something to support and promote the organisation since it was the first organisation I have found that provides such health services to mothers and children in rural communities. Only about a month later, I saw an opportunity to raise funds to support a charity of my choice. I was swift to take the opportunity and I raised more than £300 by doing a 12.5 mile walk along the Thames Path in September.

Thanks for the opportunity given.”

Kay – thank YOU.

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