On Sunday 21 April 2013 a team of 5 runners will complete the Virgin London Marathon, raising funds to reduce infant and maternal mortality.  Here are the words of Sam, the first of our runners to write something for our blog. 

Look out for news from the other runners in the lead up to the race - and please support Sam by visiting his fundraising page.  These are his words:

The Virgin London Marathon April 2013"In June 2011, my partner Kerri gave me the best day of my life, by giving birth to my son Ernie. When Ernie was born, the cord was stuck around his neck and it seemed as though time stood still as numerous members of staff rushed into the delivery room to provide emergency help. Thankfully both Kerri and Ernie were both fine, but elsewhere a similar kind of situation could have gone very wrong.

"I have always had the ambition of running a marathon, but up until now have never been lucky enough to earn a place. I have always been envious of competitors of the London Marathon, who were participating in such a magnificent event. So when I realised I could get a place in the marathon, and use it to raise funds for Women and Children First I was absolutely delighted.

"The training is going according to schedule. I completed a 6 mile run the other week, this week have managed to get a 10 mile run under my belt and aim to progress to a half marathon in the next fortnight. In-between these, I will be doing 1 to 3 mile runs, and playing football to keep me ticking over. What keeps me motivated is the support I am getting from all my friends and family. My first sponsor was my son Ernie. I think my partner had something to do with his message, ‘Go Daddy Go’! But this isn’t something I can do on my own. Knowing that I am gradually creeping towards my fundraising target of £3,000 is what keeps me going on the long runs in these cold snowy days and long dark nights.

"So please wish me luck, and if you’d like to sponsor me you can do so here.  Please do – I need as much help as I can, and your generosity is very much appreciated"

Thank you, Sam, for what you are doing to save lives of mothers and babies