On Sunday 21 April 2013 a team of 5 runners will complete the Virgin London Marathon, raising funds to reduce infant and maternal mortality.  Here are the words of Anna, the second of our runners to write something for our blog.
Look out for news from the other runners in the lead up to the race - and please support Anna by visiting her fundraising page.  These are her words:

Anna Bugden - running the marathon to save lives of mothers and babies"It's great to be running the marathon for Women and Children First. But it's not easy - training and fundraising are the biggest challenges.
When I started training properly I got a pain in my knee which was later diagnosed as ITB syndrome by the physiotherapist. I was told that it could be alleviated if my running style improved, so I've been consciously trying to run more on the balls of my feet, reduce the length of my stride and lean forward a bit more. I've also been doing a lot of exercises recommended by the physio. This was all put to the test in the Portsmouth Half Marathon I ran on Sunday 17 February and thankfully I made it (in 1 hour 41 minutes), and without much knee pain. It did seem very long though, and as I was half way through and feeling drained I wondered how I'd make the full marathon.
I've signed up for another half marathon in the New Forest in March for more practice and will hopefully start running with a running group in Hampstead Heath to get more inspiration, and more miles in my legs.
The fundraising is going well and I want to thank those of you who have been so kind and generous, but there is still a way to go. I know that all the money I can raise will be put to excellent use and will save lives. I would be very grateful for donations - no matter how small - to help me over the line. You can sponsor me here."