We take care to manage the money we receive wisely and carefully and aim to achieve value for money for all our expenditure.  We value transparency and accountability, value for money and ethical funding.

In 2015 we spent a total of £1,202,905. Of this total, £1,174,487 was spent on project activities, fundraising costs were £23,832 and £4,606 was spent on governance. 98p out of every £ was spent on projects. 

£65,721 was spent in Bangladesh, £130,603 in Ethiopia, £542,763 in Malawi and £64,808 in Uganda.

  • £5 can pay for one woman to attend a women's group for a year
  • £50 can pay for a women's group facilitator for a year
  • £80 will run a women's group for a year
  • £210 can save a newborn's life in rural Bangladesh
  • £500 could train two community health workers to look after mothers and babies in rural Malawi
  • £10,000 will help to establish a new women's group project