Mother’s Day: a special day for honouring mothers

Cherish: to feel or show great love for someone

Sunday 6 March marks Mother’s Day in the UK. We’re fortunate enough to live in a country where mothers have the option to give birth in safe, sanitised, accessible and free healthcare facilities – not everyone is so lucky.

For the fourth year running we’re launching our #CherishAnotherMother campaign to raise money for mothers in Malawi who stand a one in 26 chance of dying during pregnancy or childbirth.

Mothers like Violet Ntebe who is pregnant with her fifth child. Violet describes being pregnant as like ‘having one foot in the grave’ because Malawi is renowned for being one of the riskiest place on Earth to give birth.

This is where, with your help, we can save lives.

Through our women’s groups we can halve their chances of dying.* Women who, without the knowledge we share, are likely to die from haemorrhage, infection, eclampsia or obstructed labour. Problems that are rarely life-threatening in the UK can be a killer in Malawi, but with the right intervention are largely preventable and treatable.  

Our work in Malawi has already had a positive impact. “Through the women’s group I have also learnt how to use contraception so we can choose not to have any more pregnancies. I know this reduces my risk of dying in pregnancy.”  But there’s so much more we can do.

How can you help?

This Mother’s Day, as you enjoy celebrating the mother in your life whom you cherish, please help us cherish more mothers like Violet.

Send your mother one of our #CherishAnotherMother Mother’s Day cards (link below) and tell her about the impact you’re making in her name.  Here’s some examples of what your donation can achieve:

how your money helps

Thank you. Together we are ensuring that Violet doesn’t become another tragic statistic.  

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Download the Mother's Day card

You can download the Mother's Day card here by selecting the picture or email us to request a hard copy.

Cherish Another Mother Mother's Day Card


The difference we are making in Malawi


Malawi aid infographic


* Research carried out by the World Health Organisation found that women's groups reduce the chances of mothers dying by 49% providing at least 30% of the local population had access to a group.