Christmas Appeal 2016

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Christmas Appeal

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Give hope for mothers and babies this Christmas

Christmas is a time of hope for families as they come together for festive celebrations. After decades of brutal conflict in northern Uganda’s civil war, hope is a precious commodity in the communities with which we work.

Women, children and families were forced into squalid conditions in camps for internally displaced people – the results: illness, hunger and very often domestic abuse. Now returned home after 20 years of war, people have hope – they are rebuilding their lives and we are helping to ensure mothers can look forward to a safe pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

In just two years we have developed 150 successful women’s groups in Gulu and Amuru and they have already been vital in shaping better communities and improving the lives of thousands of impoverished women and children. This Christmas, you can help too.

This is the story of Innocent, her daughter Nelly and the family that came together to support her.

Innocent was only 15 years old when she became pregnant. She wasn’t aware of what was happening to her body and her parents, Flider and George, were not sure how to react. They reached out to the local women’s group with questions about what they should do next.

The women’s group members spent time talking to Innocent’s parents, explaining about the dangers of early pregnancy and the best ways of supporting their daughter:

“The women’s group supported us at the most critical time – when my daughter was going to give birth. They taught us to save money for our child, take her to hospital for antenatal care, feed her with a balanced diet and also lent us money when we did not have enough.”

Innocent is one of seven siblings. The birth of her daughter marked a new beginning for her family:

“When I returned home, my family accepted me. I was worried they would not. My grandmother, my dad’s mum, really took care of me and my mother taught me all that she had learnt in the women’s group about newborn care, immunisation and nutrition.”

Four generations of Innocent’s family now attend the women’s group meetings: both of her grandmothers, her mother, herself and her baby daughter.

Looking at little Nelly, you see a charming baby girl, beloved by her mother and grandparents and possessing the best chance for a good start in life.

It took less than £5 to get Innocent safely to hospital and buy the basic essentials the hospital does not provide - a plastic mattress cover, a basin and two baby wraps.

It costs only £50 to train a women’s group facilitator and £100 for a facilitator to run a women’s group for a year.

This Christmas, could you make an extra donation that will help us give hope to more mothers and babies?