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Christmas Appeal 2017

This holiday season please donate to help us save the life of a mother and newborn child. Just £5 could mean the difference between life and death.

You can help us to prepare women in the poorest and most remote communities in the world so they can have safe childbirth and are ready to care for their newborn babies. We work through community women’s groups that empower women to take action for themselves. We train local facilitators to help women set up and run these groups and find solutions that work for their communities.

A donation of £50 will pay for a women’s group facilitator for one year. A donation of £15 will pay for three women to attend a women's group for one year. Just £5 will pay for one woman to attend for a year.

We know this approach works. We have evidence to prove that our work reduces the chance of a newborn dying by one third and of a mother dying by one half, and our approach is recommended by the World Health Organization.

“Before I joined the women’s group I didn’t know much about taking good care of myself and my unborn baby... we learned about the dangers of poor care for pregnant women and unborn babies… the benefits of spacing children through family planning and the effects of HIV/AIDs. Working as a group we also save some money so that we do not have to wait for our husbands to provide for everything all the time”.

Teddy, mother of four, Uganda

Please help us continue to save vulnerable lives in this our 15th anniversary year. To donate £15 text MUMS15 £15 to 70070 or donate online

Thank you and Season’s Greetings,

Ros Davies

Chief Executive

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download the WCF xmas appeal 2017 leaflet

Download the WCF Xmas Appeal 2017 leaflet

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