Thank you for undertaking to raise funds for us to help us save the lives of more mothers and babies. Every penny you raise will help us save more lives.

Your next step now is to set up a fundraising page so that your friends, family, colleagues and relatives can get involved and support your challenge.

Getting started 

Go to: and choose your type of event.

If it’s an organised event like a race you should be able to find it.  If not, type it in. Make sure you choose the option to keep your page open after the event for those late supporters.

Tips to make your page great

Follow the example of some of our most successful fundraisers to see what worked for them

  • Set a target: Peter thought he might be able to raise £2,500, but set a target of £3,000 - look what happened.
  • Add a brilliant image: Nigel proves he did it
  • Tell your story:  Look at Jo's very good reason for wanting to support Women and Children First.  What's your story? What made you choose Women and Children First. Personal stories motivate people to donate so please help your friends and family understand your motivation. 

Get in touch if you need help as we can also send you sample emails and letters to introduce you to your page.

Once your page is set up

  • Tell your most generous sponsors first: if your sponsors see that others have donated £50 or £100  they will be more generous.
  • Encourage donors to tick the 'yes' to contact box:  This means we can send them information about the difference we have been able to make with their support.
  • Encourage them to Gift Aid their donation: For every pound your supporters donate, we receive an extra 25p – that’s £25 for every £100 you raise.
  • Find out if your employer has a matched giving scheme: Brilliant for reaching your target.
  • Share your event on facebook: And share your story of how you prepare for your event. 
  • Tweet about it: We are at @WCF_UK and can RT your Tweets.
  • Write a blog for us: Great for us and you to share on social networks to help reach more donors.

Importantly, regularly update your fundraising page with news and pictures. Tell the story of your preparation, good and bad, with lots of pictures.

Say thank you
We will also say thank you to your donors but a quick text or email will really help. We can send you some suggestions if you drop us a line.

Making a difference

Thank you for being part of the solution that helps us save the lives of mothers and their babies. If you've not already seen it there's a great short video that really brings home the difference that we can make with every penny that you donate - it's a good one to share on your fundraising page too. View it here.