Across the world 1,000 women a day still die in childbirth.  Over 3.5 million babies a year do not survive their first month of life and 6.9 million children under five die annually.  The majority of these lives can be saved. 

Want to DO something but not sure what?  Fear not, there is plenty you can do to raise the awareness of the work Women and Children First.  Here are a few examples and if you come up with any other ideas let us know:

  • Link to our site: put a link from your website to ours - if you'd like a copy of our logo please contact us and we'll be happy to provide it.To add a link to us simply copy the code below onto your website or blog:

    <a href="http:/,uk" target="_blank">Women & Children First – Saving the Lives of Mothers & Babies</a>;
  • Link to our blog: our blog is full of news and reports from the countries we work in, thoughts on Advocay and development, and news of some amazing people doing incredible stuff to raise money and awareness of our work;
  • Mention us in your blog: 98% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries.  You'd be amazed how few people know about this - tell them;
  • Contact us for resources like leaflets, postcards (we even have a few balloons!) and put them up in your workplace, community centre;
  • Check out and share our photos on flickr, watch and share our films on You Tube that explain our work.

Whatever you do - tell us - we're interested and inspired by who you are and what you do.