Women and Children First promotes an integrated approach to improving maternal and child health by mobilising communities, improving maternal and newborn health services, and advocating for good policies and funding to provide accessible, quality services.

We work primarily through women’s groups in rural communities in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia to improve maternal, newborn and child health. We empower women to find their own solutions to maternal, newborn and child health problems, and to advocate for their right to health. We offer technical expertise, support and consultancy to our partners, and advocate for maternal, newborn and child health to be at top of the agenda in policy and practice, both locally and internationally.

Mobilising Communities

Women and Children First has pioneered ways of working with women's groups that empower the women themselves and have been shown to make deep and lasting improvements to the health and wellbeing of the wider community.

Strengthening Health Systems

People in the poorest countries often have difficulty obtaining access to the health care they need, and even when they do, the services may not be adequate.. Women and Children First works to improve the knowledge and skills of health care staff who provide maternal and newborn health services.

Policy and Advocacy

Women and Children First works to influence policy on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, in the UK and other countries. We promote proven techniques and methods for reducing maternal and newborn mortality. We support all of our partners by building their capacity to advocate strategically and improve policy and implementation. 

Capacity Building

Women and Children First believes that capacity building is essential in reducing maternal and newborn mortality and we build providers’ capacity to deliver quality services and local partners’ capacity to engage in policy and advocacy work.