The Most Important Cards You Could
Buy This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, mums around the world are coming together to solve problems they face in their communities.

Women’s community health groups in Uganda have taught women how to reduce the risks of deadly diseases, by using picture cards.

Picture cards illustrate warning signs of illness, disease or emergencies, depict the barriers to treating these issues, and give suggested actions that the community could implement.

Donating just £15 can buy a pack of picture cards, which reach up to 30 women every two weeks across the world.

Nighty’s Story

Nighty Acam, a women’s health group facilitator from Uganda uses picture cards in her meetings.
They to teach women warning signs for major health issues in pregnancy or labour.

“We discuss these issues and come up with clear plans to help solve some of our issues. In our group women know and understand signs of malaria, symptoms of miscarriage, the dangers of wrong childbirth positions and the effects of obstructed labour.”

Nighty using picture cards to show problems that women could face in pregnancy or childbirth.

Nighty using picture cards to show problems that women could face in pregnancy or childbirth.

Nighty has seen how these picture cards have helped spread knowledge and have helped save lives.

“Women get a lot of information in our meetings that was not easy to come by before. The most useful thing for us,
that really helps improve our lives
, is the knowledge we gain about health issues.”

Picture cards are simple, sustainable and versatile, reaching women in many different contexts and helping to save lives.

A £30 donation could mean picture cards reach 60 women twice a month.

Nighty concludes;  “Women’s group members now endeavour to attend vital antenatal care. Health workers have told us that our work in groups is contributing to more women seeking health care when pregnant.”

This could not have happened without generous support from our donors. 

You can help these vital picture cards reach more women around the world.