Saving Lives in Uganda: Teddy's Story

Malaria kills thousands of women, newborn babies and young children in Uganda every year.

But, with the right information and support malaria can be prevented and treated, helping mothers like Teddy survive and have healthy children.

Women and Children First helps by setting up women’s groups, where people learn about and take action together to address potential health problems.

Teddy, with her three-week old son Martin, tells her story here:

“Before I joined the women’s group I did not know much about taking good care of myself and my unborn baby.

“I was not sleeping under a mosquito net. I was not eating a balanced diet. I did not take antenatal care seriously.

“However, when I joined the group, I learned about the dangers of poor care for pregnant women and the danger signs for unborn babies.”

This information was crucial for Teddy, when she was unwell during her pregnancy with Martin.

“I felt sick. I did not know what was wrong, but thought it could be malaria. I knew the signs and symptoms through the health information I received from the group.

“I went to the health facility and they diagnosed me with malaria. I was given treatment and I recovered.

“The advice I received from the women’s group was very useful. I was given treatment that saved my life and that of my baby.”

Without the support of the women’s group, Teddy and Martin would not have survived.

Such support – enabled by your kind donations – can reduce a woman’s chance of dying by up to 50%. More newborn babies live too – the risk of death reduced by 33%.

To date, over 6,000 lives have been saved – and counting.

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