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wcf where we work bangladesh

Bangladesh has seen a significant improvement in the rate of mothers and babies dying in childbirth. Since 2000 the maternal mortality rate, the numbers of mothers dying in pregnancy or childbirth, has fallen by 50%.

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women and children first's work in Ethiopia

Whilst Ethiopia has a fast growing economy, it remains one or the world's poorest countries. It is near the bottom of the Human Development Index with an average life expectancy of just 57.

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myanmar where we work women and children first

Decades of conflict and long isolation from the rest of the country and the outside world left Myanmar’s special (cease-fire) regions bordering with China in extreme poverty.

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Women and Children First's work in Uganda

Uganda faces a range of challenges. A third of the population live below the poverty line, there's a lack of funding for health services and only a half of mothers receive health care during child birth.

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Central America

The 6.4 million people living in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador have the poorest sexual and reproductive health in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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where we work women and children first malawi

Women prefer not to discuss pregnancy in Malawi - it's considered unlucky as it's such a dangerous time in a woman's life. Violet, pregnant with her fifth child, describes it as having "one foot in the grave".

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Sierra Leone

women and children first's work in sierra leone

Sierra Leone's maternal and newborn mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Over a quarter of childhood deaths occur during the first 28 days of life.

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