Make a Donation

Donations are our lifeblood and, in turn, the lifeblood of those women and children we reach. We need you to help us to equip women with their most vital survival tool: knowledge.


How your donations help

A women’s group can be established for little more than the cost of training a facilitator. Once the group is up and running, the knowledge acquired by its members spreads to the entire community, changing attitudes and behaviour.

As well as giving women life-saving knowledge and the confidence to approach and use the local health services, Women and Children First helps health services to plan, manage and deliver good quality care, on an equitable basis, within communities.

This is the difference your donation could make:

Malawi woman

  • £2 will pay for a woman to have a safe delivery
  • £5 will pay for one woman to attend a women’s group for a year
  • £50 will pay for a women's group facilitator for a year
  • £80 will run a women’s group for a year
  • £100 can save a mother's life in Nepal
  • £210 can save a newborn's life in rural Bangladesh
  • £500 could train two community health workers to look after mothers and babies in rural Malawi.
  • £10,000 will help to establish a new women's group project

Thank you for your help!