Stop women and babies dying now in Africa, Asia and Latin America

You can protect the lives of vulnerable expecting mothers, their babies and children – helping them survive and thrive now, by supporting Women and Children First.

With your help, we create groups with our local partners in communities and health facilities in the world’s poorest countries.

Bringing people together helps them to solve their problems. Together, people share advice, answers and knowledge to overcome deadly risks of diseases like malaria, no access to medical care or brutal, horrific violence.

This community action empowers mums-to-be, enabling them to give birth safely to happy, healthy children, who succeed in a safer society.

This is not short-term aid. It’s a long-term solution – championed by Women and Children First for over 15 years.

It works too. Such support, enabled by your kind donations, has saved over 6,000 lives to date – and counting. Lives of young mothers and their children, like Teddy and Martin.

Their survival is thanks to you. Every £5 you donate can help someone attend a group for a year.

Help save more lives – make a donation today

Watch the video below to see a group at work in Uganda:


Thank you for putting Women and Children First. Thank you for being part of the solution.

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