About us

Over the last 18 years we have learnt how best to support local communities.

They don’t need people to give them the answers, lecture them or provide short-term fixes. They want to be empowered to come up with their own answers.

So that's our role.


Our history

Women and Children First was established in 2002 to pioneer approaches that support communities to solve problems themselves.

We will continue to do so, because we know that even the poorest communities can use their own resources and creativity to educate, advocate and organise for better health for themselves and their families. Indeed, there is clear evidence that in 13 of the poorest countries in the world, where we have supported over 5,000 communities, they have brought immense benefits to over 12 million people, including saving over 6,000 lives - and counting. 

And we will continue to do so in a way that sets us apart from many other organisations.



From our genesis at UCL, through our establishment as an international NGO and to our new strategy for 2019-2021, we have and always will put communities first, will work through local partners, and will develop and use approaches that are strongly evidence-based, extremely cost-effective and sustainable in the long-run. 

By the end of 2021, in this way, we want to support 10,000 local communities to save the lives of 10,000 women, children and young girls and enable 1,000,000 to choose their futures. Join us.

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